Reader question:

we found he on Match per month before. I am in love with him. We’d the chat and I told him I can’t date a number of individuals simultaneously, and he informed me he is in the same way. Today a friend watched him on another cougar dating site website, POF, and noticed he spruced upwards their profile following weekend the guy found myself. Obviously, he is nonetheless exploring. I currently feel lied to but how do I approach this topic with him?“

-Britt M. (California)

Professional’s Response:


Before you decide to jump to conclusions, let’s give the guy the advantage of the question. He might have spruced up their profile before he really surely got to understand you, however now he has deep thoughts for you and then he has not also already been on POF in days. Performed he update their profile after you had „the talk“? If so, i’d worry. You may well be crazy about the guy however, if you already think lied to after one month, I would suggest you cut your losses today, in order to find a person who is sincere and genuinely retains the exact same principles, not only someone who says he resides of the same ethical signal.

Believe is the most essential aspect of any connection. Activities constantly communicate louder than words, this guy’s steps can be telling you he’s not „the main one.“ When this answer simply does not jive along with you while desire to offer him the opportunity, I would personally say go during this one at once. Ask him if he’s on various other dating sites and see exactly what he states. If the guy is, get moving, girl! If according to him yes, ask if he or she is upgrading his profile to meet up various other females. Ask him to spell out their knowledge of the talk and view if he’s actually dedicated. Tell him you are not into internet dating him if he could be watching someone else, and stick by your phrase. First and foremost, don’t ever be satisfied with under the greatest — you are entitled to it.